Women – Win the Chance to Brew Your Own Beer

Nowadays there is a dearth of female brewers so Jane Peyton, Principal of the School of Booze and Sara Barton Owner and founder of Brewster’s Brewery are on a mission to inspire more women to brew and drink beer.

Beer is full of nutrition, and in moderation, has proven health benefits. The connection with beer and bellies is a myth!

If you’re a women and fancy having a go at brewing beer then why not enter a competition to invent your very own beer. Whoever wins will brew their beer alongside Sara Barton. And it may even go on sale through Brewster’s outlets! To make this competition even tastier, entrants will take inspiration from Britain’s leading producer of Fairtrade chocolate, Divine and devise a beer recipe inspired by one of their brands. If the brand is Divine Dark Chocolate with Orange and Ginger then the beer recipe might be a pale ale containing lemongrass and citrus hops.

So why not become a 21st century goddess of beer and enter the competition to
brew Ninkasi’s Nectar. We want to hear from you!

N.B. Competition ends on December 31st 2011.

For more details about the competition please see:

Or contact: Ninkasi@school-of-booze.com

Beer & Divine Chocolate Tasting Matches

Press Contact:  Jane Peyton, Principal of the School of Booze
Tel: 07729 601 590 Email: jane@school-of-booze.com

DYK Babylonian Brewster Second Millenium BDid you know that women were the original brewers of beer? For the majority of beer’s thousands years of history, women were the primary beer brewers because beer was food and women were in charge of food production. All the deities of beer are female, including the Sumerian goddess Ninkasi.

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