WhimsicAle is a new Beer Range for Brewster’s Brewery

>Happy New Year and to celebrate we would like to introduce a brand new beer range. Many of our beer ideas come on a whim. Sometimes the beer recipe comes first, sometimes the name, so after a bit of inspirational thinking (a few beers involved of course) the new range will be called WhimsicAle.

This new range will give us a broader remit for fun names and so help inspire new beers. This range will be brewed at 4.0% abv and will work for those drinkers who want to try our developmental beers but prefer a beer at a lesser strength than the Wicked Woman Range.  

What about the Wicked Woman beers, fear not, we will still be brewing them. Wicked Women have been a fantastic success for the brewery over the years and have a big following. (As an aside, we will have to do some looking up to see how many Wicked Women we have brewed since Pandora was first produced in 2005. 30 to 40 perhaps?)

The great thing about a non core range of beers is that it gives us the chance to try out a vast number of different recipes, indulge ourselves by brewing with different hops and malt. It has been invaluable to learn what is too much and what is too little, when and why, especially as what we sometimes want to know is not in any way conventional. Most importantly we have found there is no substitute for full scale brewing when it comes to learning how the different elements of ingredients and changes to the brewing process go together to produce a great beer. You just have to brew it to find out.

We think that by stretching our knowledge, good things feed back into our core beers. When we design new beers ones they are better as a result of our experimentation, Rutterkin (SIBA National Gold) and Decadence (SIBA National Silver) both started as Wicked Women. On an ongoing basis quality, consistency and flavour are also improved as we confidently tweak the interplay between brewery and ingredients. So, all in all, an extra beer range to allow us to tinker must be a good thing.

Here’s to the New Year and the new brews. Hope you enjoy drinking them.

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