Spotty dogs beware…our latest wicked woman Cruella is all on the sniff

The twitching dismay on the faces of regular Brewster’s drinkers as they eyed up the dark beer before them, has been reported into us from bars about the area. We can imagine the scenario, they ordered the Brewster’s Wicked Woman complacent in the knowledge that the brewers would deliver up to them another pale and hoppy epic. This time, a dark beer was  pulled and presented. Resignation to one pint of the darkness may have followed, after all Brewster’s are adequate brewers, it couldn’t be that bad.

But one sniff was all it would take to separate out Cruella from the other malty  stouts and porters, this mother wants to be a Black IPA. When those hoppy aromas hit their olfactory organs they’ll have known the hop taste was going to be big to work against the malt. The dominating hop flavours were fruity, juicy, citrus limes and they melded deep into the rich roast body. Momentarily across the drinkers mind it may have occurred to them that they had just drunk a beer that had challenged their visual and oral perceptions. And then regathering their composure, it is highly likely they asked “how can you have such a beer as a black IPA?”

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