Sadie the Goat

Sadie the Goat was a very naughty girl. Her real name was Sadie Farrell and she was an American criminal and a river pirate. She first came to prominence as a vicious street mugger in New York’s “Bloody” Fourth Ward. Her modus operandi was to find a lone traveler, she would headbutt  them in the stomach, her male accomplice would then hit the victim with a sling-shot and rob them. Sadie, according to popular underworld lore, was engaged in a longtime feud with rival female bouncer Gallus Mag who once bit off her ear in a bar fight.

Taking inspiration from Sadie we are testing out malt and hops combinations for a new IPA which will bottled and kegged. The beer is deep amber with a first hint of fruity mango leading onto lemony lime grapefruit finish.

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6% IPA but goes down so easy. A fab balance of malt and intense hops.…


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