“Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?”

Of course she is and of course we are. And to help us with our seduction we are trying out a brilliant hop from Australia, Galaxy. Brand new to us. We have waiting patiently for months for the bales to arrive from the  hop merchants. We have heard it is used in Little Creatures beers so its piqued our interests. Once it arrived we gave it a rub in the brewery and its full super aromas and hop oils became apparent. The hop has been around for a while but is definitely a class act, with a certain sophistication and most surprisingly up front fragrance. The seductively boozy Mrs Robinson just sprang to mind at once.

We have a pure pilsner malt grist giving golden ale with lightest malt flavour to show off the hop notes. Watch out for the wonderful clean citrus and passion fruit flavours. We love it and we hope you think the beer lives up to Mrs Robinson wiles.

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