Hellcat Maggie

While we trial recipes for new permanent beers we create lots of interesting beers in the process. Our latest Wicked Woman, Hellcat Maggie, is one such experiment along the way to creating a new bottled IPA. The finished IPA will be 6.0% while the Wicked Women beers are 4.8% so this trial recipe looked at the beer colour and hop grist. The prominent hops are Citra and Summit. The darker gold or very light copper colour came from the addition of lightly roasted malts. The first aroma was of flowering currant gently revealing into pineapple fruit, this is probably the Citra hop character coming out. On tasting it comes across as an ample bodied beer with the richness and sweetness coming from the light touch of the roasted malts. The citrus aspect of the hops meld well with the malt to develop tropical fruit flavours, touch of mango perhaps, pineapple?. Drink it, make your own mind up and let us know what you like. Cheers

Hell-Cat Maggie was a fearsome fighter and gangster in Manhattan’s Five Points district in the mid 1800’s, she had her teeth filed into points and she wore long claw-like brass fingernails. She used to hang out in drinking establishments such as “McGurk’s Suicide Hall”, “Hell’s Gate” and the Tub of Blood.

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