Heeeere’s Lucy… a beer with bite

We needed a name for our next Wicked Woman; Germanic or Eastern European with a touch of West Coast Hollywood to suit the beer we were brewing. Richard’s choice of name was inspired and matched what was needed perfectly. Poor Lucy Westenra was a pure, sweet, vivacious young woman. Unfortunately she became the victim of Count Dracula. Once dead she developed a taste for the blood of young children and the female vampire had to be finally destroyed by her three human suitors to save her soul.

How does this work with our new beer. Well it all started with Hophead, a pure sweet vivacious little 3.6% cask ale. It gets the “pimp treatment” the ABV is vamped up to 4.8% and cold fermented with a Pilsner style yeast. American West Coast Hops meet Eastern European fermentation. The result a Wicked Woman Pilsner style beer with a hoppy sensual bite. A New World Pilsner.  Now it’s your chance to be vampire slayer.

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