Heavenly beer for Wetherspoons Festival

We are really excited to be part of the worlds biggest real ale festival and thrilled to be chosen to be on the  bar along with some of the most interesting international brewers.

Our planning started last year. First came the hops. Galaxy and Stella were ordered from the last Australian hop harvest to be ready in time for this festival. With the hops already chosen, a simple malt grist with a touch of colour from Munich malt to showcase the hops was in order.
As part of the Wicked Woman range we needed a name. With celestial names like Galaxy and Stella we thought of the constellations and while not strictly wicked Andromeda fits the name for a heavenly beer.

In Greek mythology Andromeda was chained to a rock to be eaten by a sea monster as punishment for her mother’s bragging. She was rescued  by Perseus who became her husband.

The artwork for the pump clip was specially commissioned from Phillipe Fenner

Andromeda has a rich golden colour, with a passion, tropical fruit aroma on the nose. The taste is lightly malty overlayed with zesty citrus hop notes giving a satisfying fullness on the palate.

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