Good King(s) Wenceslas… our new Christmas beer

There were two Good King Wenceslas. They both lived in Bohemia which is a great beer making country. The first one was the Duke of Bohemia who braved harsh winter weather to give alms to the poor on the feast of Stephen (Boxing Day). As he was an all round good egg, he was made a Saint and bestowed the title of King after he died. The second one really was a King, Wenceslas the First, and to his credit he was very interested in beer. In his day Bohemian hops were so prized that he ordered the death penalty for anyone found exporting hop cuttings. While he was at it, he also convinced the Pope to revoke an order banning the brewing of beer in Bohemia which lead to the growth of the beer industry in the area which later became the Czech Republic. That reputation for great beer still goes world wide today.  That is why, each in their own right, they  both became the Good King Wenceslas.

So what has this  Ronnie Corbett ramble go to do with our Christmas beer. Well as a nod to the name, all the hops are continental European; Junga from Poland, Herkules and Perle from Germany. We loaded the hops, as you would, for a chunky American Pale Ale onto a grist that included a good dose of crystal and we are really pleased with the result. We were not expecting high aromatic top notes but a altogether different style. You still get the sense of powerful hops but with a much fruitier, rich, “cakey” and rounded beer.  Merry Christmas

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