Calamity Jane rides into town

While Richard was off rockin’ in Germany, Sean managed to wangle a day in the brewhouse all on his own. With a veritable smogasboard of Richard’s finest hops and no supervision, it is ironic that Sean’s interpretation of the recipe given to him was called Calamity Jane. In spite of his interpretation, it was a surprisingly disaster free day and another great tasting beer was brewed.  Sara even pimped it up later with a little dry hopping.

A dark golden ale with with the roast malt notes blending well with fantastic new world citrus hops to produce a really good fruity hop flavour.

Richard’s hop grist worked really well and will be the basis for our “American C_hopper” which will be part the JD Wetherspoons great October Beer Festival this year.

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6% IPA but goes down so easy. A fab balance of malt and intense hops.…


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